7 benefits of using an Eye Cream

by Natalia Munoz on December 15, 2022

Day in and day out, your eyes are always hard at work. From working on the computer, to sun exposure, and other environmental stressors, there are many things that contribute to the wear-and-tear that your eyes battle with everyday. But just as we take the time to prepare our morning coffee to replenish ourselves, so too should we dedicate some time to take care of our beautiful eyes. Including eye care into your beauty rituals can prevent early signs of aging, reduce puffiness, hydrate your skin and much more!

Here are 7 benefits to using Eye Cream.


1. Reduces the appearance of dark circles

Whether it is lack of sleep, not hydrating enough, or having thinner skin beneath your eyes, there are multiple factors that can contribute to your dark circles. Therefore, applying a naturally formulated eye cream that contains Vitamin C and Caffeine may help you diminish and even lighten their appearance. 


2. Minimize puffiness

Everyone has had to deal with puffy eyes at least once in their lives. It may range from allergies to crying, stress, and to some it may even be an early sign of aging. The thing is, occasional puffiness is inevitable; but here is where eye creams come to the rescue. The Awakening eye-cream is a lightweight, squalane-based formula rich in Vitamin C and Shea Butter that helps minimize swelling. 

Here’s a tip for the next time you use your eye cream! Store it in the fridge for around 15 minutes; the cooling effect can also reduce puffiness.



3. Prevents early signs of aging 

Just because aging is a natural part of our lives, that doesn’t mean we can't take steps to preserve a youthful appearance. By using an eye cream daily, you can keep your skin’s elasticity and lock in moisture to prevent dull and saggy-looking skin. 


4. Makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible 

Just as smiling and laughing nurtures our souls, we also have to nurture the skin beneath our eyes. Constantly moving and gesturing with our eyes may irritate the skin around them and even start forming small wrinkles and fine lines. However, we can keep them at bay with eye creams and diminish their appearance by replenishing hydration.



5. Hydrates your delicate skin 

The skin around our eyes is often drier than the rest of our face and is very delicate. Thus, your eyes may need targeted hydration that only eye creams can provide; a perfect balance of ingredients nourishes our skin without irritating it.


6. Prepares your skin for makeup

By smoothing the skin around your eyes, your concealer will apply evenly and will not crease throughout the day.   


7. Protects against UV rays and environmental factors 

Eye creams that contain Niacinamide can also protect the skin around your eyes from the harsh sun rays, cold, dryness and other conditions that you’ll face on a daily basis. 


Are you interested in adding an eye cream to your beauty ritual? Check out our Awakening eye-cream - packed with plant stem cells, squalane, encapsulated caffeine and shea butter that will give your eyes a youthful glow!