How To Apply The Serum On The Face To Make It Work

by Natalia Munoz on February 16, 2022


It has become an essential product in our daily skincare rituals for some time now. And it is that the facial serum is 'all in one capable of eliminating the signs of tiredness and fatigue that are reflected in the skin almost immediately.

What is it for, and how is it applied correctly?

The serum or facial serum is a skincare product, essential from a certain age, which contains a high concentration of active ingredients that, due to their formulation, penetrate our skin, reaching the innermost layers, those that the cream moisturizer is not able to achieve.

The serum provides us with maximum hydration, leaves us with soft skin thanks to its light texture, highlights the brightness of our face, corrects spots, and achieves a more uniform and luminous coloration. But to achieve all this, it is necessary to apply it correctly. Otherwise, we will not obtain the desired results.


  • First, we must remove any remaining makeup from the face.


  • Next, we have to clean the skin of the face very well with some mild soap and warm water. In this way, we will leave it clean and unpolluted to apply the serum.


  • Finally, we will put 2 or 3 drops of facial serum on the fingertips and spread the product with gentle movements on the face, neck, and décolletage. It is advisable to avoid the area around the eyes.


  • Once our skin has absorbed the serum, we finish the routine using a moisturizing cream to nourish the skin in depth.


It's that easy to make our skin recover its natural luminosity and shine; it will be cared for both inside and out. The ideal is to use the serum every day or night before applying the moisturizer, although it could also be applied alone if we put on sunscreen.

Now that you know all the secrets of the serum, what are you waiting for to try it? Have you already incorporated this product into your facial routine? What is your favorite serum?