Some people believe that establishing routines is the way to a clear path in life, others despise routines for being the reason their lives get monotonous. In terms of skincare, however, routines allow us to define the products we use daily.

Growing up surrounded by Asian culture and Asian heritage has meant always acknowledging the importance of grooming routines as part of self-love and self-realization. I grew up hearing about different rituals that used ingredients drawn from nature and how the appearance of our skin is a reflection of our state of mind, our character, and our success. But what is actually the difference between skincare routines and skincare rituals?

While routines are a matter of organization and repetition, what distinguishes a ritual from a routine is the feeling and intention we impart on said routine. Turning a routine into a ritual requires making a conscious effort, a commitment, an intention to an otherwise ordinary, mundane act. The otherwise mundane act of washing your face before bedtime becomes a ritual of freeing yourself from the stress and worry that piled up over the course of the day.

The act of applying a mask becomes a ritual of nourishing not just your skin but your soul with new energy. And the more we repeat a ritual over time, the more meaningful they become to us. Rituals are the way we inject magic into our routines!

Skincare lends itself to such calming self-care rituals because while washing our face or applying serums, is a simple task, it does take a level of focus, being in the moment, and touching your skin - you are literally getting in touch with yourself and increasing mindfulness during a moment of intentional self-care.
As I became older, I also became more aware of the importance of making my skincare routine into a self-care ritual and how much of a positive influence this kept having on my self-love, my self-image, and my overall mood.

After talking with various women from different ethnical backgrounds I came to realize that the most in touch with themselves and their souls they came to be, was when they were surrounded by nature. They even told me stories about a variety of skincare rituals around the world that they loved because they were still proven to be effective to this day: be it the rice water toner from China as a purifying agent, the sugarcane juice moisturizer from India as natural nourishment, or the coffee bean masks from Brazil as a powerful renewing factor.

However, and as science grows stronger in the skincare industry, I started to notice how those same nature-based rituals got questioned for taking a lot of time to show results, for needing crazy amounts of product to work, and for not being sustainable in the long run. Unfortunately enough, scientific techniques and chemical-based products were also being criticized for using non-reliable compounds and for being responsible for the increased amount of toxins in the bodies of women and the accentuated risk of suffering from serious diseases due to extended use of certain products. As a result of this uncertainty, skincare was starting to be a hassle and its potential for true renovation was beginning to get lost.

So, the question was: can there really be a solution that’s both trustworthy for its ingredients and effective for the skin AND the soul? It wasn’t until this moment that I realized to what extent skincare had shaped my life and the way I related to my family, my ethnicity, and myself, and I decided to use my knowledge as a chemist and my insightful cultural background to find an answer.

Everyone always believed that science and nature are two opposite approaches, but after doing some research, I came to realize that there was actually a discipline called botanic science in which experts closely study the produce of nature, their specific environments, their properties, and try to always find the best and more sustainable ways of extracting as much of their essence as possible. Something in me lighted up inside me and I could finally find the method to create amazing products in which science and nature could become the two sides to the most amazing skincare story ever told.

If women in the older days thought that using oil on the skin wasn’t possible because of pH alterations and the risk of having a sebaceous breakout, now, researched methods such as cold pressing allow us to extract the highly nutritious oils of Jojoba Seed and Grape Seed, and skin-friendly butter can also be obtained by processes of hydrogenation used on rare ingredients such as Tucuma Seed and Cupuaçu Seed.

Science has brought us countless and significant bio-fermentation techniques capable of enhancing the power of natural ingredients such as sugarcane/ resulting in one of the best organic skincare compounds: a cleaner and better version of squalane. We have even found a way to create microscopic encapsulated coffee to ensure a slower release into the skin and ensuring remarkable and long-lasting anti-aging results.

Fruits such as pomegranate, açaí, and mangosteen are not only delicious to eat, amazing to look at, and difficult to come by but also frequently recognized for their antioxidant properties on the body. Now, using the same cold pressing methods on the seeds of these, we were able to separate the beneficial elements from the allergens, giving the skin a higher concentration of antioxidants without needing a lot of fruits, making it a more durable solution on the skin and a more sustainable answer.

Our skincare redefines the excitement of unique nature-found ingredients by combining them with high-performing and modern methods such as encapsulated salicylic acid, to give your skin the bliss of a youthful awakening, with less time of use and long-lasting results. The power to even your skin tone, improving the appearance of wrinkles, reducing puffiness, redness, and other marks caused by acne or sun exposure, is only a ritual away!

InnoNaturals is the reinterpretation of natural skincare rituals with the innovation brought by ground-breaking scientific techniques and extraction methods, resulting in our signature Soul-Awakening ritual.