5 Surprising Things That Make You Look Older After 60

Getting older means our bodies change, and not always in ways we expect. There are things that can make us look older than we are, especially once we've hit our 60s. But don't worry - we've got a range of products to help you fight these aging factors and make you feel young again.

Problem 1: Tired Eyes

One of the first things people notice as they get older is that the skin around their eyes starts to wrinkle. This can make us look tired and older. Our Awakening Eye Cream is designed to help with this problem.  It contains healthy ingredients that hydrate your skin, reduce wrinkles, and make your eyes look fresh and young again.

Problem 2: Dry Skin

Did you know that dry skin can make you look older? Keeping your skin moisturized is important for a youthful glow.  Our Superfruit Hydrating Toner contains ingredients from nature that hydrate the skin, leaving it looking soft and revitalized. It helps fight dry skin, keeping you looking as young as you feel.

Problem 3: Losing Collagen

As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen, a protein that helps keep our skin firm. When we lose collagen, our skin can start to sag and wrinkle. But our Multicomplex Collagen supplement can help. It gives your body the nutrients it needs to keep your skin healthy and radiant. By boosting your body's collagen, it makes your skin look firm and youthful again.

Problem 4: Not Enough Good Sleep

Getting good sleep is important for staying healthy and feeling fresh. If you don't sleep well, it can make you look older and feel tired. Our Advanced Sleep support supplement can help you sleep better, so you wake up feeling restored and young.

Problem 5: Dull Skin

When your skin lacks radiance, it can contribute to an aged appearance. Our Superfruit Awakening Mask can help. It's full of fruits that are good for your skin, helping it get rid of dead cells and improve its texture. You use this mask overnight, and when you wake up, your skin will look fresh and young.

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The Awakening Eye‑Cream

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The Superfruit Hydrating Toner

We all need to feel refreshed sometimes; whether it’s a new beginning in life, a new breather throughout the seasons, or even little me-time during the day.
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