The Awakening Eye-Cream (Influencer)

    The Awakening Eye-Cream (Influencer)

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    • Antioxidant properties that will shield your skin from day-to-day impurities thus preventing clogged pores with the help of Niacinamide and Ascorbic Acid compounds
    • Long-lasting moisture and freshness provided by our premium Shea Butter and Beeswax compounds
    • Noticeable decrease in the aging signs such as fine lines with the use of our premium squalene formula

      We’ve all heard the saying “the ayes are the window to the soul”, but we have never really thought about it. The fact is, the ayes are the light to your body and a reflection of your physical and mental state of mind. As such, the skin around the eyes is like the frame of the window; though it doesn’t change the scenery it can truly influence the way you feel when looking at it. Taking care of this part of the face is also an act self-care and self-love: it’s a ritual that will allow you to regain control of how others peep into your soul and what part of it is reflecting in your eyes.

      If you ever feel like your eyes feel heavy or that they look tired, make your eye-cream application a simple and stress-relieving ritual with all the nourishing properties of a luxurious cream in a fast-absorbing gel texture that vanishes into the skin to fight visible signs of fatigue and dark circles around the eye.

      Obtained from using botanic science methods on sugarcane, this formula has the purest squalene compound for depuffing your eyes.  This product is also empowered with encapsulated caffeine that ensures a slower and maintained release of its multiple properties into the skin and enriched with Vitamin C and peptide to potentialize the results.


      Let the worries fade away from your complexion and enjoy this renewing ritual by breathing deeply into the fresh aroma as you apply three dots of the product around your eyes and then spreading it uniformly with your clean fingertips using a soft, patting motion. Avoid direct contact with eyes.