The Superfruit Hydrating Toner (Influencer)

    The Superfruit Hydrating Toner (Influencer)

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    Gift your skin with multiple and long-lasting benefits like:

    • Deep exfoliation and purification of the skin made possible by the rice extract and the salicylic acid.
    • Extreme hydration and moisturization as a result of the coconut oil.
    • Soothing and comforting your skin with the refreshing properties of mangosteen. 

      We all need to feel refreshed sometimes; whether it’s a new beginning in life, a new breather throughout the seasons, or even little me-time during the day. This toner promises to be a great addition to your skincare routine and the all-day mist your skin has been needing. Either way, this is the instant soul-renewing renewal ritual to get back in touch with your energy. 

      Our knowledge of botanic science has ensured that we are able to present you with a formula full of superfruit extracts like Mangosteen, enriched with encapsulated salicylic acid and coffee and empowered with the properties of cold-pressed obtained compounds like rice extract and coconut oil.

      This innovative blend of natural-based ingredients gives birth to a multi-tasking skin care product that combines both simplicity and effectiveness.